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On disc: Stala & So

It Is So - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

It Is So

It Is So
(So Music Finland - 2011)

This Finnish band has been involved with rock and pop music since 1997, and has some singles in the past, but now it is time for their first studio album. Their leader is the vocalist Stala, and they set their sails on easy rock and soft pop music, maybe as a result of labeled as participants in the Finnish Eurovision Contest. Anyway the songs are very much alike and if you have heard one of them you have pretty much heard them all. Got To Believe is melodic soft rock, and not so bad at all, the song Pamela was the one they had in the Eurovision Song Contest, but this rocky pop song is so boring that it's hard to take it. My Happy Day and Woman are also in the boring end and the last song Everything For Money has more the character of circus rock as it is a little clumsy and lightheaded. With their experience Stala & So could have made a better album than this, and we can only await what they bring in the future.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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