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On disc: Stainless Steel

- Madness Has Taken It's Toll - Volker Raabe -  

Madness Has Taken It's Toll

A really interesting demo! The Bielefeld-based band Stainless Steel offer a really interesting demo which is called Madness Has Taken It's Toll which has a few surprises for the listener. Musically they are based on Omen, partly they sound like Gamma Ray clones (Yesterday Is Calling).
Another surprise is that the band state that this demo is "Tapeware"! That means that you are allowed to copy the tape and to give it to everybody you want! The band also says: When you like our songs, then send a few Euro - it's up to you how much - as a sign of your appreciation to:
Stainless Steel, Milser Straße 37, 33729 Bielefeld, Germany
A good idea, but what does the tape cost?
Btw, with drummer Frank Booth they have an amazing drummer in the band! It's unusual for an unsigned band to have such a superb drummer!

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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