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On disc: SQY Rocking Team

- Full Throttle - Anika Peterson - 8 stars

Full Throttle

Full Throttle
(Phoenix Music - 2004)

Sequoyah - are now SQY - are a Dutch rock band which is pretty much influenced by American rock. The band is around for more then 10 years - I just know, coz as a bonus this CD has a DVD called SQY - 10 Years On The Road. Another indication is that the guys covered Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song - and it's done quite well. You can file them under classic rock. Not that the Netherlands are known for this music, but there are a lot rock fans and so the Dutch had the chance to open up some shows for U.F.O., Tyketto, Y&T and others. Don't expect high-profile guitar solos, you won't find much solos here anyway. The four-some is song-orientated and a real band performs. No ego's in the way to write / perform good songs!

8 stars

Anika Peterson
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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