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On disc: Squealer

- Under The Cross - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Under The Cross

Under The Cross
(AFM Records - 2002)

This is the latest output of the German power metal act Squealer. On their 4th album they present themselves a little more straight and it maybe categorized melodic power thrash which is perfectly presented by the album opener Painful Lust. Under The Cross ain't a concept album, even if there is a red fathom on the album, coz almost every song is in one or the other way dealing with religion and faith... Sometimes more ironically, sometimes more funny, sometimes pretty serious, but never preaching. Even if Facing The Death is a cynical track dealing with blind fanaticism going under mass murder like we all faced on Sept. 11th. Beside the powerful tracks there are more anthem-like tracks and with Rules Of Life they also offer a powerful ballad which shows a different side of singer Henner. Interesting is the cover version of In Zaire from Johnny Wakelin which became a heavy rocking track with metal riffs, partly there are sound elements which are usually used in Nu metal. On the first issue there is also a bonus track which is called Low Budget Heroes, a fast track with a catchy chorus. Btw, again the quartet got a helping hand from Mike Terrana who again jumped in for the recordings.
Soundwise you can't complain, recorded at the Area51 Studios with Tommy Newton who is known for his work with Helloween during the Keeper Of The Seven Keys era. The album was mixed by Mirko Karmila at the famous Finnvox Studios with a little help of Andy Sneap.
A step forward for the quartet, now it's time to present themselves on a Europe-wide tour. With this album they are on the way....

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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