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On disc: Split Heaven

Street Law - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Street Law

Street Law
(Pure Steel Records - 2011)

Split Heaven is a guaranty for the style of traditional speed metal and could have found inspiration from 80's and 90's bands to polish the instruments off for their third album that are presenting now. With singer Eli Valenzuela as the turning point Split Heaven has made a good mix of brutal speedy metal and more traditional heavy metal for their fans. I find Eli Valenzuela's singing style a bit too screamy without ability to control it, and that disturbs more than it serves the album good, but the line of songs are good stuff for fans of fast headbanging metal. The Devil Isn't Fool has a hard ground base with melodic heavy metal in it and nicely clean made. Night Of The Jaguar is also fine power metal that touches you around the neck and keeps pressing until you are out of breath. Lonewolf is hard and heavy plain and simple, too fast for any cheap tricks in the song. Red Light District takes you around the corner where you meet an onslaught of hard wall nail tight metal. The bottom line is that if you can put up with Eli Valenzuela's awkward screaming the album is good and tolerable.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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