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On disc: Spider Rockets

- Ever After - Claudia Ehrhardt - 3 stars

Ever After

Ever After
(Locomotive Music - 2007)

The American band Spider Rockets is around for more then one decade and on Ever After they worked again with Martin Bisi. In their home country they can play quite frequently and they even made it to Germany in 2005 to play at PopKomm music convention.
The Spider Rockets kick off with Too Far, a song with heavy guitar-riffing and the voice of Helena which is passionate and a bit wailing... Modern sounding and the vocals are very up-front. I like to have the vocals up-front, but here its too much up-front, coz she's steamrolling the instrumentalists!
The vocals hook you up, but actually it's mainly the lyrics - and they are simple like on Simple. On Simple are some oriental elements, but somehow it is irritating... It's heavy rock with crunchy guitar riffs and the whining voice of Helena. The different songs have different moods... elements... but somehow I have to think again and again of Skew Siskin which is another band I never get into... On What I Want they vocally remind me of Gwen Stefani.... And Hollaback Girl... in a rocky way. But I would always prefer Gwen Stefani! The Beatles cover Helter Skelter is... irritating... Even if one of the best songs, it's far from convincing me.
If you really want to check them out, listen to: Simple, Something More and Helter Skelter. And I will now listen for awhile to Rock Goddess, just for the fun of it!

3 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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