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On disc: Sphinx

White Moon - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

White Moon

White Moon
(self-released - 2010)

I can't tell you much about Sphinx, but it's the music that counts and you can download this EP for free, just head over to their website!
Sphinx kick off with Wild Wind, a symphonic metal tune. Every song is telling a short story, sometimes it's the protagonist who tells the story, sometimes it's told from a spectators point of view. The protagonist is the 'White Moon' which always attracted mankind. Musically the quintet combines symphonic elements with heavy riffs, the angelic vocals of Elena Eskina and Natalya Telyh and the deep voice of Andrey Verenik who even does some growls at White Moon - 2. Usually if you have two singers they offer different vocal styles, but Elena and Natalya do the same style and sing parts together which makes the vocal parts more powerful. At White Moon - 2 you also find citations of prog rock / metal and even some folk elements. At Skyline bassist Andrey Varenik is kicking off vocally, but then the girls join in. The symphonic passages remind me a bit of Rage's symphonic stuff... The closer Twilight features Matvey Kozin on vocals, I guess he's doing the deep growls... But I might be wrong. Actually Twilight is the most diverse track on White Moon with speed changes, symphonic passages and a dash of black metal.
Fans of symphonic metal with operatic vocals should check White Moon out, but you have to be open-minded, coz the Russians include other elements to create soundscapes!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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