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On disc: Spellbound

- Nemesis 2665 - Daniel Biehl - 9 stars

Nemesis 2665

Nemesis 2665
(Armageddon Music - 2007)

Something new from Armageddon Music, this time they present us the German thrash metal quartet Spellbound with their latest piece of work called Nemesis 2665.
Drums forcing the songs ahead and gives the guitars and vocals space to develop. Cool, straight riffs give the songs drive while the melodic solo parts add some atmosphere. But you won't miss aggression and fast beats, but the fast riffs not just forcing them ahead, they are catchy and hook you up, too. Soon you will start singing along, also coz singer Dave Maier is able to sneak into your brain with his voice. He can't keep up with the masters of thrash! With Celestial Death / Nemesis they present a masterpiece. This 10 minute long track is the highlight on Nemesis 2665! They really know how to play and with the typical elements they make you wish they would go on. It's the last song on the album - and it's the best one! Spellbound present their strongest one at last. And so other songs don't sound just weak, coz they come after this killer. What they sound like? The band is obviously influenced by Kreator, old Slayer and early Metallica. But don't expect some luke warm copy! Spellbound do have their own sound, so don't call them copycats!
If you are into thrash metal, then check out Spellbound! I recommend: Demons Deadly Sins, Unsacred, The Sharks Voracity, Back in The Trash and Celestial Death / Nemesis.

9 stars

Daniel Biehl
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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