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On disc: Spektr

Cypher - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars


(Agonia Records - 2012)

Some of the most untraditional music comes from Spektr, a band that are not so informative about themselves, but anyway there is a release from them to be called Cypher. The Frenchmen are experimenting very much with futuristic black metal as if they are trying to create a new division of this form of metal, hateful and black. They have not scraped the surface to sweep away the bad songs as there is only 9 songs present, and the album would have been better without the noisy Hermetism, Solitude, Decorporation. But if we focus on something that they made more successfully there is Teratology where the black metal is mixed together with different black sound effects to give the music more depth. The Singularity is a very futuristic shape of industrial black metal, strange song but with originality for afterthoughts. Antimatter gets the listeners attention because it's not only experimenting but also very hateful and interesting in the way Spektr makes intensity in their music. Solve Of Coagula slows the tempo down with interesting deep sounds in an intense slow industrial black metal show. There is something for everybody on this album, but I doubt it appeal to the greater crowd of metal fans.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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