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On disc: Speedtrap

Powerdose - Lars Bj°rn - 8 stars


(Svart Records - 2013)

This band was formed in 2007, but their fans has not been provided with a debut album until now. Speedtrap has finally released the album Powerdose, where they splash their power metal songs like their was no tomorrow. Deeply inspired by Mot÷rhead the album has 8 songs of both power and speed metal, and lyrics as simple as possible they give all focus on the music. Redemption Of Might is power metal so you can't sit still in your chair, Mot÷rhead has not been around without leaving a touch of inspiration to other bands. Out Of Time, Out Of Line is more power metal filled up with very creative good ideas of how to make the most of power metal. Powerdose is a speed metal song that also travel in the veins of how Mot÷rheadd write their songs. Another great song on this album is definitely Battle Cry, where the power metal continues in the overwhelming style that marks the greatness of this debut album.

8 stars

Lars Bj°rn


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