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On disc: SpeedShot

L.A.F.S.A.S. - Claudia Ehrhardt - 3 stars

(Metal Dwarf Music - 2011)

SpeedShot is a young band, a trio from Bedford. My first impression of their album L.A.F.S.A.S. is that it sounds like some 80's demo. Something which a band recorded in their rehearsal room back in the 80's! The sound quality is just like that and that will make quite a few turn away, coz these days you expect more - sound-wise. True underground metal fan who still listen to the old tapes might be delighted... Musically the first track shows that the band is based on early 80's heavy metal, back them they would have been part of the NWoBHM. The 8-track album was recorded at a live show of the band in London and so captures the atmosphere, but still the sound quality is.... Songs like Start Again and Full Throttle surely would be fun - if they would have a better sound. The trio is playing tight and especially guitarist Danny Young shows some cool lead guitar parts. A song like Blood, Sweat & Beer could be a metal hymn, but it won't make it this way. And I don't get why you add a drum solo and a 'tuning song' when you have only 30+ minutes. At the last track they remind me a bit of Tank... with a dash of Motörhead.
Musically not bad, that would be a 6, but the sound is ruin it - at least for me. I understand that studios are expensive, but there are tons of bands who recorded demos in their rehearsal rooms which have an awesome sound. Sorry guys, but with nowadays technic it's a no-go to present such a bad sounding record! Even if it was recorded at a club show! It's live and obviously not touched up. I can only recommend it to underground metal fans who are used to 80's recordings!

3 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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