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On disc: Speed Limit

Unchained Prophecy - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Unchained Prophecy

Unchained Prophecy
(Karthago Records - 2011)

It's a complex story that spins non-speedingly around the Austrian band Speed Limit. If you can stay within the limits the proceedings are that Speed Limit has existed since end of the 70's and played until 1994 where they disbanded. Suddenly in 2008 they found each other again and were speeding once more, even launched an album in 2010 called Moneyshot, their 4th album all together. But where is Unchained Prophecy? to answer that you have to go more than 20 years back in time and discover that the first album was called Unchained, and in 1988 came their second album that was an EP called Prophecy.

Now in 2011 Speed Limit are opening the doors to a combined double album with the fantastic title Unchained Prophecy, both albums on one disc. There, in your Austrian face. Even though there are only two years difference between them these two albums are like night and day. Unchained is mostly a boring tale, only songs that can be proud of themselves are Burning Steel, typical old school rock with a bit of strength in it. Fight To Survive is a song where the inspiration from Saxon is enormous, great rock song with the right elements in it.

Now we come to the EP, the second part of the album, Prophecy. Here the good things start, Dead Eyes are heavy as the style was in 1988 bringing on a smile to be insured that Speed Limit has some energy and toughness. Same thing with Vanishing Angel, also here great heavy loaded stuff totally varying from the first 11 songs. Ending with the song Marriage In Hell they speed right back on the right track again with another good rock song.

You could ask yourself why in the speeding name of Karthago Records they want to make this special release, your bit is as good as any ones.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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