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On disc: Speed

- Man In The Street - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Man In The Street

Man In The Street
(GJS - 1980)

Many releases of the early 80's NWoBHM were unique and fueled the growing of the scene. Well, Speed's Man In The Street is more an average single release, but it has something which makes it interesting for metal heads - their singer! This is Bruce Dickinson pre-Samson!
Sure, the sound quality is far behind today's standards, but you can discover how Dickinson sounded in his early days - before he developed a more operatic style after joining Iron Maiden. The track Man In The Street is riff-based, but due to the length of the track the riff gets a bit boring.. Perhaps guitarist Steve Adams should have varied a bit... The keyboard solo of Gary Edwards is a nice change and flows above the riff. Also the main line Man In The Street is repeated a bit too often. The b-side track Down The Road is boogie-based and not as repetitive as the title track. They vary a bit more and Bruce Bruce can show more facets.
Definitely no masterpiece, but interesting to check out.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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