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On disc: Soul Sign

Life In The Dark - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Life In The Dark

Life In The Dark
(Grand Mercy Records - 2011)

Soul Sign can be named a super group, even if not every name will ring a bell. But from their musicianship and experience they are a super group. The band is fronted by Leatherwolf singer Michael Olivieri, guitarist Rob Math worked with e.g. Seal, Macy Gray and Toni Braxton while bassist Bjorn Englen is know for his work with Quite Riot, Yngwie Malmsteen and Uli John Roth. Drummer Mike Taylor is a sought after session drummer and worked with Robin McAuley (MSG / Survivor). They all share the love for heavy sounds, for classic rock and hard rock.

They kick off with I'm Bleeding, a track based on heavy riffs and spiced up with Michael Olivieri's vocals. Bjorn Englen's bass is prominent but never too much up-front. Later guitarist Rob Math get a chance to shine. They embed some neo-classical elements in this heavy rock and so show different facets. Sign Of Your Soul gives you an idea what to expect, so check out the video!

Between The Lines (N379N3) is an interlude, a short bass solo and leads you over to Out Of Obsession. Again the foursome shows their love for classic heavy metal and hard rock, but due to the modern sound the songs sound fresh while still having this 80's feel. You (Control) is heavier, has a catchy edge and a dash of 70's prog rock. A bass riff leads you into In Pain, same same but different. The ingredients are the same, but the result sounds different. This time they offer a heavy, bass-driven rocker with a modern touch. With Life they are back to the 80's, this time it's Rob Math's guitar and Olivieri's voice which will enchant you. Would be my pick for a video...

The closer In The Presence Of You is a beautiful ballad with acoustic guitar and an emotional vocal performance. Simply beautiful.

Sure, this isn't a revolutionary release, but fans of hard rock / classic rock should give it a try. The songs are well-crafted and fun to listen.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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