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On disc: Soulrest

- Chaosophia - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(self-released - 2007)

Soulrest is a band hailing from Ukraine and usually described as melodic death metal, but actually this description is wrong! With Chaosophia the quintet present their sophomore album on their own.
With The Rise Of Hatred they kick off. Some haunting keyboard and heavy riffs lead you into this one - an instrumental intro. But they keep presenting heavy riffs with breaks and deep growls. More technical death metal with varying speeds, breaks and some power metal elements... Mainly the reminiscences to power metal can be found in some guitar parts. The drums sound isn't powerful and punchy enough for this style, but the play fits. At Ubbo-Sathla you get a good idea about Soulrest, even if here there are some black metal riffs added, but don't expect any blast attacks! The songs are mid-paced and can't really surprise the listener. And the vocals are to one-dimensional. But they do have some good ideas and their blend of death metal with different elements is cool, even if I miss something in their sound... The songs don't have a climax... the trot along and more or less end the way they started. At From The Depth Of Twilight Mirror they add some clear, spoken word part which gives the song a different feel, but the grunts aren't dynamic enough to build strong counterpart. But this is a self-produced album and with the right people they might be able to focus on their strong parts and also the sound would improve. The band definitely has talent and good ideas, but need a bit more time to develop. Keep an eye on them! Hope they get their chance and a good producer, coz then they have a real chance to leave their mark!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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