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On disc: Soul Demise

Sindustry - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Remission Records - 2010)

With their 7th album Soul Demise following up their last album Acts Of Hate an, but this time the band is even more aggressive and brutal then in the past. And their last releases haven't been soft at all. They are dedicated to melodic death metal la At The Gates, Devildriver, In Flames (early days) and a bit like Heaven Shall Burn. Soul Demise - thanks to the God of metal - aren't adding kitschy keyboard melodies or emotional clean vocal. Melodies are okay, but the songs should be still brutal and straight forward. Their songwriting is more mature with memorable melodies, brutal riffings, mid-paced power grooves, high-speed parts which are close to blast beats and aggro-screams. The songs have everything an old-school melodic death metal fan is longing for. All 10 songs are brutal, hectic and partly choppy. I should mention the cool drumming, but it never gets too prominent and so the songs are well balanced. Only the hysterical screaming vocals can be annoying after awhile, even if they try to add a counterpart with some deep grunts - which aren't really convincing. Anyway, Soul Demise deliver a strong album which is showing what brutal melodic death metal is about!

7 stars

Carste Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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