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On disc: Sorrows Path

The Rough Path Of Nihilism - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Rough Path Of Nihilism

The Rough Path Of Nihilism
(Rock It Up Records - 2010)

The band from Greece have played since 1993, but they had to wait until 2006 before their first record Resurrection was released, and it is time for their new release, this one is called The Rough Path Of Nihilism. The band play in a good heavy style, but with many different directions inside their music, and this album give the impression of skilled musicians all the way through. In the beginning they were inspired by doom metal like Momento Mori and Candlemass, but now their music sounds more inspired by Iron Maiden, on two of the songs there are clear references to the Maiden song To Tame A Land.
Despite the albums 12 songs quantity they don't get enough output of the product in my view, too many weak spots in the productions and the songs. Must be frustrating to make a CD that differ so much in quality as this one does. Some of the songs are almost anonymous, and then there are the songs The Beast, Getting Closer, Queen Of Doom, which all have superb quality with deep and dark content like dangerous sounds from the forests. The two best songs are: Prostitute - here we get very melodic doom like guitars, a splendid heavy rhythm in a build-up that reminds of Grave Digger.
Nihilism - is also among the two best songs on this album, again a very heavy rhythm, but clearly inspired by Iron Maiden.
Maybe the problem is that it is after all only their second album despite their 17 years of playing together. However there have been some changes in the bands line-up, so it have not been serious all the time. Lets see what their next album brings, I look forward to it.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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