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On disc: Soreption

Engineering The Void - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Engineering The Void

Engineering The Void
(Unique Leader Records - 2014)

With fast and sharp guitars the fans of Soreption gets a solid second album to follow up on the debut Deterioration Of Minds. The tempo is frantic with some inputs of inspiration from gothic mystic elements to give the songs extra character. 8 songs on the new album, and to be highlighted should be Reveal The Unseen, sharp and fast opener that marks the path of this album. Monumental Burden has doses of symphonic and gothic music included, and that is quite uplifting to the song in my view. And the last song is the title track, Engineering The Void, speedy with lots of bite and again this cryptic gothic influence that Soreption like to include in the songs. A decent album that they can be proud of.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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