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On disc: Sonsevorot

- Radzima - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars


(self-released - 2003)

The band started as a three-piece back in 1999, but it took them quite awhile to complete the line-up. And that's more or less what I know about the band from Barysaǔ / Borisov (Belarus).
Intro is about 2 minutes long and leads into this demo. Slowly and with some thunder in the background they kick off, then flute and other instruments join in and build up a slow folk tune which leads into Kupalle. You hear birds... And a flute... The septet soon joins in with heavy guitar riffs and the flute of Anastasia Dumanskaya is taking over the melody line. After a break they step back a bit and vocals - spoken words - join in. Then the guitars are back! And they speed up! Fast guitar-driven metal with grunts and angel-like vocals. And some folk elements. Perhaps their sound is best described as heavy folk metal with folk grunts... At least for this song with its more then 6 minutes running time gives you space for speed changes and to create different atmospheres - which they do well. But I miss the certain something... Perhaps a bit more catchiness... More melodic death metal with grunts is Radzima, but the female vocals take a bit off the edge... And some folk elements - mainly due to the flute - are woven into the song. Towards the end the have an almost acoustic part where the female vocals are stepping more up-front. Nice tune! Last, but not least... Zahad Sontsa. A slower one, but quite atmospheric. Here they combine grunts, clean male vocals and female vocals which gives them more space to express. A bit moody is this one.
The sound quality is quite good and they have some interesting ideas. I think they should continue what they started with Zahad Sontsa, coz this one is the most outstanding one. And even if they might loose some melodic death metal fans, open-minded metal fans who likes a bit folk in their metal will love it. If they want to address the melodic death metal fans, then they probably have to reduce the folk elements...

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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