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On disc: Sons Of Sounds

Bound In Sound - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars

Bound In Sound

Bound In Sound
(self-released - 2010)

Sons Of Sounds is a young trio from Germany, three brothers who want to conquer the world with their sound. Their debut Brutality Of Life was recorded in 2008 in David Readman's studio and was released in 2009. Now the threesome is back with Bound In Sound.
They kick off with the Rolling Stones cover Paint It Black. In my opinion not the best way to start... First, I think a cover version isn't an appropriate way to open an album. Second, the version is... well, different. That they metalize this classic isn't the problem, but Roman's vocals don't work for me and I just want to hit the skip button. Actually I like the old Stones track, but this cover...
They speed up for High Speed Rock & Roller Girl. To me it seems that they have just tried to combine different influences, but at the end it sounds half-baked. The song has a dash of punk, but the vocals don't match and the gang shouts are too soft, too polished. A slower passage should make the song more interesting, but it's too repetitive and uninspired. Additionally the lyrics are simply annoying. Troublemaker is a blues rocker in the beginning, but becomes a fast heavy metal tune. A bit NWoBHM-like, but not just 25 years too late, it's quite average. And the Danzig-like vocal passages seems to be out of place.
The dirty rocker Are You Ready - additionally video clip on the CD - is showing some punk rock elements, melodic guitar leads and classic inspired guitar playing. It's like they took elements of their favorite songs and put them in a blender. Unfortunately not everything coming out of a blender is tasty...
Sorry guys, but before heading into the studio again, find out what you really want to do. Then get into the rehearsing room and work on the songs. Perhaps it would be a good idea to bring in some fresh blood...

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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