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On disc: Sons Of Seasons

Gods Of Vermin - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
Magnisphyricon - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Napalm Records - 2011)

Two years ago Sons Of Seasons stepped into the limelight with Gods Of Vermin. A new band, but familiar faces as they are all active in different bands. But Oliver Palotei and this mates played shows and you can hear that they became band. The new album sounds tight and even more homogenous.

The opening track is the dark symphonic intro Magnisphyricon: Temperanc which leads into Bubonic Waltz. It's a symphonic metal tune with a progressive edge and partly pretty aggressive vocals. Some passages remind me of Kamelot, but Oliver is a member of Kamelot for several years so it's no big surprise. Soul Symmetry kicks off with a heavy, riff-based part, but again they change and offer some slower, melodic but progressive passages. They slow down a bit for Sanctuary where Simone Simons joins Henning Basse. Again they take you onto a sonic journey which they continue with the heavy Casus Belli I: Guilt's Mirror incl. some aggressive passages which are spiced up with light keyboard sounds. The interlude Magnisphyricon: Adjustment leads you over to Into The Void. This song some others on Magnisphyricon need more then one spin to discover all the details. Into The Void is a bit bulky, but has some catchy vocal parts. A bit darker sounds A Nightbird's Gospel, but Gods Of Vermin also had a dark edge - and that's one of the things which make Sons Of Seasons differ from many other symphonic power metal bands.
Heavy riff and some neo-classic guitar passages lead you into Tales Of Greed. In a way this tune sums up what Sons Of Seasons is all about, so it's a good choice to check out Magnisphyricon. Additionally you should check out Casus Belli II: Necrologue To The Unborn to get the picture. With 1413 they slightly change, or more precise they add a new sound. This time they not just adding symphonic elements also some folk-ish sounds and Gregorian chant inspired passages. Yesteryears kicks off with keyboard, a ballad which comes alive due to Henning Basse's emotional vocals.

If you like Gods Of Vermin, Magnisphyricon will please you. Fans of symphonic power metal with a dark and progressive edge will dig it. If you can catch them live, don't hesitate, coz live Sons Of Seasons are even stronger than on CD!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Gods Of Vermin

Gods Of Vermin
(Napalm Records - 2009)

Sons Of Seasons is a new dark symphonic metal band, but their members aren't nobodies! The band was founded by Oliver Palotai (Doro, Kamelot, ex-Blaze) in January 2007 to have a platform for his music. He started the band together with former Blaze members Luca Princiotta - meanwhile replaced by Pepe Pierez - and Daniel Schild. It didn't take long and they hooked up with Silent Force bassist Jürgen Steinmetz. In his songs Oliver could combine his different influences from metal, jazz and classic. With Tijs Vanneste they found a singer, but later discovered that Tijs work and the bands wish to tour won't work out. At a tour in Japan Oliver show Henning Basse performing and later got in touch with him. Henning liked the songs and so became the singer of Sons Of Seasons.
A dark symphonic intro is The Place Where I Hide - and it already shows which direction the Sons Of Seasons pursue. The title track is following! Gods Of Vermin is a heavy tune with emotional vocals of Henning Basse. After a while the song becomes a heavy riff-based metal tune with a bombastic chorus. The song has a progressive edge and switches between heavy, aggressive parts and emotional, more mellow passages. A melange of classic elements, progressive parts and neo-classical metal is A Blind Man's Resolution, but it can hook you up easily with its catchy refrain. At Fallen Family Simone Simons joins Henning on the mic, the song is partly quite aggressive... And you even find some growls! But there are also the symphonic passages and the vocal part of Simone - a bit like The Beauty And The Beast.... There are parts which remind me a bit of Kamelot, but that's not such a big surprise as Oliver is a part of Kamelot for a few years now. The keyboard passage might be annoying to some listeners, but actually that was made me think of The Beauty And The Beast with it's classic passages. At The Piper the refrain is sounding a bit too familiar, but I can't come up with what it reminds me off... At Wheel Of Guilt they slow down and present a tune which is spiced up with a with a Gregorian-like choir, but then the song explodes and becomes a heavy, progressive metal track! At Fall Of Byzanz you can add a dash of Apocalyptica to the sound. Simone is back joining Henning here. And as you can expect from the title, it has some Oriental sounds woven in. A symphonic ballad with a melancholy touch is Wintersmith. Actually this one can shine through Simone's vocals. For Dead Man's Shadows they speed up again, but still there are speed changes.
Sons Of Seasons' album Gods Of Vermin is interesting for fans of symphonic metal who like some progressive elements and some dark atmosphere... So, if you call Kamelot and Symphony X your favorites as well as some dark symphonic metal acts, then you should check the Sons Of Seasons out! But the album needs a few spins! There aren't any real ear catchers, but you can discover details every time you listen.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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