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On disc: Sonic Station

Sonic Station - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Sonic Station

Sonic Station
(Frontiers Records - 2012)

Sonic Station is a Swedish project by guitarist and song writer Alexander Kronbrink who invited some guests to fulfil his vision. Musically Sonic Station are based on Westcoast rock.

The instrumental Intro is quite long with 3+ minutes, but it's relaxing, atmospheric piece of music. Then they head into the uplifting Gonna Show The Way which is reminding me of 80's Chicago... The singer on this one is Magnus Bäcklund, one of the 4 singers at Sonic Station. Next in line I Wish I Could Lie which features Marika Willstedt, this one has a slight melancholy touch. The saxophone make Hold On To Me sounds even more like Chicago... But it's singer Kristoffer Fogelmark who's vocal performance is bringing this tune to life. Even if the songs in general are a bit too polished... too tame. Bit more rock is You Have To Let Me Go which is sung by Tove Lo, unfortunately the only song she got to sing, coz I think that Tove Lo has a charismatic voice. One of my faves on Sonic Station, perhaps coz her vocals give the song a different feel... At The Most Beautiful Fear I miss emotions, this one is too polished - at least for me. I think in an acoustic version this would give you goose bumps... Somehow the female singers impress me more, but it's more a matter of taste, coz this is a highly professional piece of work. Running Through The Night brings back Marika Willstedt and is a melodic, up-tempo rocker which shows some great guitar play by Alexander Kronbrink. The opening passage of Never Let The Sunshine Die is offering a singing guitar, but then Kristoffer Fogelmark takes over the melody line. With Love You More you'll get a duet between Marika Willstedt and Kristoffer Fogelmark, a slightly bombastic tune. The closer is sung by Marika Willstedt, Reasons is a melancholy tune. The melancholy edge works well with her voice and I think she's much stronger at this one than at the duet.

Lovers of Westcoast rock / AOR with an 80's edge should check out Sonic Station. Just a bit too polished - in my opinion -, lacks soul, a problem projects often have to face. But it's still a good album and perhaps next time Sonic Station can deliver a more soulful performance...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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