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On disc: Sonic Reign

Monument In Black - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Monument In Black

Monument In Black
(Apostasy Records - 2013)

Two guys in the band Sonic Reign - drummer Sebastian Schneider and multi musician Benjamin Boruchi who plays guitars, bass and vocals - are delivering a new masterpiece to fall on the black metal scene. It is not only black metal, but contains hard rock and heavy metal as well, and in a style that can only win over a lot of new fans. They have really swung the hammer well when the duo made their new songs, German power to make full impact in Abhorrence vs Scum, here we get a full blast of speedy metal rhythm and great guitar work as if the brutal vocals from Boruchi was not enough. This song really brings on the smiles of great black metal. On the next song Clouds Above The Desert the black attack is massive and good, and Schneider shows his skills with a highly alternative way to handle the drums that gives the song much more power. The Whisperer In The Dark gets in a stormy attack on the listener, charming heavy metal where the guitar work again makes a super effect. Monument In Black is melodic black metal, still with fantastic power and finesse just to underline that here is quality and rough sounds going hand in hand. A Doctrine Unreachable is starting slowly but soon gets hard and black, a real measurement to get their music under your skin. This new is worth getting into your collection of albums, and put in the front where you can reach it easily.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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