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On disc: Somnifere

- Audioporn - Claudia Ehrhardt - 3 stars


(Massacre Records - 2001)

Started back in 1995 as a gothic band and after having a stable line-up, they are now more based in the new metal genre. The quintet combines heavy riffing with electronic sounds and growls as well as clean vocals. Interesting for fans of Fear Factory, Limb Bizkit, Soulfly and Strapping Young Lad or more exactly for fans who can imagine a mixture of these bands...
Nevermore is in my opinion the most interesting track, a song with an unusual drum rhythm which offers growls and clean vocals. The track Demon reminds me of Moonspell's Opium partly.... Opium mixed with Soulfly.... Perhaps the time isn't right for this kind of music or probably it's me who isn't right for them...

3 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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