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On disc: S.o.M.

- Etno Doom - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Etno Doom

Etno Doom
(self-released - 2007)

The band S.o.M. was founded 2005 in Zagreb, the Croatian capital. This is their first demo and it's called Etno Doom. Quite similar to the way they describe their music - ethno doom. The four tracks give an idea about S.o.M. and what to expect from them in future.
The opener Grad Se Beli shows the direction... slow, dense doom with folk / ethno elements. Lea adds with her soprano some highlights while Tomo, who also plays guitar, is responsible for the very deep growls. Slow drumming, lava-like riffs and the two vocal styles are their trademark. Mura, Mura starts slowly with a repetitive riff and they take their time to develop their ethno funeral doom. The guitar melody easily carries you along, even at a long track like Mura, Mura with about 7 minutes it never gets boring. The most intense and atmospheric one is Vuprem Oci which is another 8 minute long track which has something threatening due to the guitar riffing, but Lea's vocals take off the edge. Her vocals are like a light in the dark. Very cool!
If you like your doom slow and heavy, then keep an eye on the Croatians!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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