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On disc: Solitarium

- Scent Of Dawn - Philip Thelen -

Scent of Dawn

Scent Of Dawn
(self-released - 2008)

Solitarium is a very young Finnish melodic power metal band with female voice. The demo contains three tracks, all settled in mid-tempo area. Very melodic keyboard riffs, combined with heavy and precision drums and beautiful female voice.
First song The Way Out starts with a very catchy piano/keyboard melody. The voice of Niina is burning into your brain while listening to this music. My Blind Faith starts with an epic intro and turns into a calm piano/voice/drum verse. The arrangement is very professional. Shared Moments Separate is some kind of epic melodic stuff and very catchy at the intro riff which is repeated in the epic outro as well. It lasts about 9 minutes. After the intro it turns into a calm guitar part combined with the voice. These guys (and the girl) know how to arrange their songs!
I think this band has a great potential to grow. The arrangements are very professional and the songs are well produced. I am sorry that I wont have the chance to see them live, but to everyone who could: Just take a look! Check out Solitarium!

Philip Thelen


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