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On disc: Solisia

UniverSeasons - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars


(Scarlet Records - 2012)

With their second album Solisia demonstrates their own way of mixing pop metal with more powerful heavy metal without letting the Italian touch go unmarked as the CD takes form. Orchestra music is in the roots of Solisia, but the voice of Elie Syrelia is not quite powerful enough to make a real breakthrough with the songs, like they were driving a Ferrari and only giving a little bit of speed on the gas pedal. Syrelia has a good voice, but she could probably use it more successfully in another type of music. The soft power metal is what Solisia mainly focus their energy on, Betrayed By Faith is a good example of this metal, melodic and soft with lots of class. I Loose Myself is a beautiful piano soft metal song with feeling and mystery inside the story of this ballad. The best one of the album is in my view Kiss The Sky where the elegant pumping power metal is fueled up with a super guitar solo, just to make the frame bigger for the song.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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