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On disc: Solefald

- Pills Against The Ageless Ills - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Pills Against The Ageless Ills

Pills Against The Ageless Ills
(Century Media - 2001)

The duo Cornelius and Lazare started way back in 1995 and released their debut The Linear Scaffold in 1997 through the small Italian label Avangarde Music. Now their third album hit the stores, a world-wide release of Century Media. A huge step forward for the duo, this eccentric music output is nothing for black metal purists and just open-minded metalheads might discover the beauty of this album. Musically they combine black metal parts with heavy metal while the keyboard sometimes add progressive elements. The parts when they slow down and use clean vocals are pure heavy metal, an outstanding mixture which needs time to get discovered.
Pills Against The Ageless Ills is a conceptual album about two brothers, a fiction story about Cain who is a pornographer and his brother Fuck who is a philosopher. The basic story line shows their different points of view, about to see the world and how they live their lives.
Solefald never been part of the black metal scene, even if most of their fans might be part of the scene and their sarcastic words about popular culture and black metal on their second release Neonism might have offended black metal purists...
Definitely a very interesting act which should get a chance to get heard. Give it a try and check out: Pornographer Cain, Fuck Talks and The USA Don't Exist

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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