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On disc: Snow

- Snow - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Dynamo Rec. - 1980)

Founded in 1975 Snow soon became part of the L.A. live scene. In 1980 they released this EP with 5 songs which soon got aired by local radio. Songs like Crack The Whip got somehow famous. After Snow split up 2 band members made themselves known in the metal world - Carlos Cavazo and Chuck Wright later joined Quiet Riot. Singer Doug Ellison has a powerful, clear voice with a dark timbre, but also adds some high notes. At some parts Ellison remind me a bit of Jim Morrison... A bit boogie-like is No Way To Treat A Lady which sticks out due to Cavazo's guitar play. And the backing vocals who are a trademark of this song. Quite heavy it gets with Don't Want Any More which has elements later been found in US metal. An up-tempo one is Bad Generation which has a slight punk rock vibe in the beginning. Later becomes a fast rocker with high screams and powerful backing vocals. Cool!
Looking back the EP isn't something sensational new, but more then decent! A cool heavy rock album with varying tunes. And every fan of Carlos Cavazo should know this piece!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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