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On disc: Snakecharmer

Snakecharmer - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Frontiers Records - 2013)

Like many hard rock fans this is just another Whitesnake spin-off by Micky Moody and Neil Murray, but everybody who loves the bluesy hard rock of the early days of Whitesnake should check out Snakecharmer!

They kick off with A Little Rock And Roll, and yes, this is a simple bluesy hard rock track, but a charmer. And it shows that Moody / Murray did right by hooking up with Heartland vocalist Chris Ousey. One of the highlights is Falling Leaves, a melancholy rock ballad. For me it's an asset for Snakecharmer that they have found a singer who doesn't sound like David Coverdale - and doesn't try to. Another highlight is My Angel which starts with acoustic guitars, but becomes a heavy 70's rocker. At To The Rescue Mr. Ousey sounds a little bit like Tina Turner... But it's still a good track, just a bit of a surprise. the closer Turn Of The Screw has some references to old Whitesnake, but it has more to offer.

Fans of the Moody-sound as well as fans of singer Chris Ousey should really enjoy this album!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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