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On disc: Slutvomit

Swarming Darkness - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Swarming Darkness

Swarming Darkness
(Invictus Productions - 2013)

Total lack of respect, total don't care attitude. There you have Slutvomit, the band who have been around since 2006, made 1 EP, and now get the first full-length album on the market. Swarming Darkness has 11 songs on it, and dark death metal is what expect the listeners. A little punk metal can also be found, but standard death metal comes first. They make their music the way they want to, without caring about what other people might think, because then you end up with a headache all the time, so go for it and see what it brings.

Downward Falling Christ is a dirty and mean song in the punk metal path, aggressive and provocative, great. Morbid Priest gets under your skin being advanced and snaring in the core of death metal, different but lots of class. Poservore is a typical death metal song, but it stands out because of a different slower tempo that gives the song a spicy attitude.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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