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On disc: Slingblade

The Unpredicted Deeds Of Molly Black - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

The Unpredicted Deeds Of Molly Black

The Unpredicted Deeds Of Molly Black
(High Roller Records - 2011)

When you have a good and stunning CD in the hands you don't want to let it go again. Molly Black to rule the surroundings in cruelty as she was victimized in the school and takes a gruesome revenge, described in the song Back To Class.

A new band with only one demo earlier has now chocked the surroundings of Stockholm with a mature and raw piece of power metal perfectly led by vocalist Kristina Karlsson to portrait the unpredicted deeds of Molly Black and the distinguished deeds of the band Slingblade. It could have the character of a concept album, an ongoing story of how Molly Black is living her life, and finally in the last song gets a noble album finish with the song This Dream Will End.

The music is 10 songs and Off The Hook starts the onslaught with a sound possible inspired by the metal that Girlschool made in the 80's sneering and sublime with the perfect touch of nowadays heavy metal. Tie Her To The Cross moves the story with a force that is still clinging to powerful metal and abruptly gets to the case of Molly's deeds. Back To Class has a confidence that most bands normally takes some albums to achieve, but not Slingblade, they are here already and makes a description of the classroom scenes leading to Mollys murdering, metal metal and more metal.

It slows a bit down in the song Molly's Death and warms up to The Nature Of Evil, a song with good melodic power spiced with a good evil guitar solo on top of the cake. Give Back What You Borrow starts slowly and later on develops the power of the whole album, Girlschool or not, this song is super and sticks to your brain like a pressure that won't tire. Slasher On The Loose is more of the beautiful same, storytelling at first, and followed by Slingblade power metal, brilliantly performed. Slingblade is a band that could have a future laid out for them, when they make such a concept album as their debut I could see no end to their success. Can't wait to see them live.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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