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On disc: Sleepy Hollow

Skull 13 - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Skull 13

Skull 13
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

If anybody remembers Sleepy Hollow they have not been very active since their first record from 1991. But now they are together once again with Mike LePond doing the bass guitar on this new album from the heavy metallers from New Jersey. Bob Mitchell has an ability to provoke listeners with his voice, that he is not fully using his powerful voice, but almost screams his way through the songs. It could be guttural and nearly disturbing, but somehow his voice fits the songs anyway. Luckily the band has Steve Stegg on guitars who do a tremendous job in creating one masterpiece after another, Sleepy Hollow is very welcome back in the metal world when they have a monster album to deliver. Their style is from the 80's and on Face Melter the hard and great rhythm has elements that are inspired by Judas Priest. Bleed Steel pumps the metal quickly around the system and here there is one example of Bob Mitchell dominating too much, but the song still holds the good quality due to Steve Stegg's guitar work. Inquisition is classical heavy metal with the inspiration once again from Judas Priest and the way this song is built is simply awesome. Epic metal is also represented in The Legend Retold, rusty rhythms and slow genius guitar from Stegg, and the song could easily be labeled as a kind of metal odyssey, fantastic variations in the themes this song has. Eternal Bridge is also epic metal but with a great power included, and again Stegg shows his abilities on the guitars. It's a shame the band hasn't been active for 20 years, but I hope they can get their career back on track, this second album of theirs lay the path wide open.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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