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On disc: Slaughter Lord

- Thrash 'til Death - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Thrash 'til Death

Thrash 'til Death
(Hammerheart Rec. - 1999)

The legendary death thrash metal band from down under.... Slaughter Lord. The band started in 1985 under the name Onslaught. Soon they had to change the name due to the fact that the British Onslaught released their debut album. After a few line-up changes the band started in early 1986 to show the world that their is metal in Australia and the first shows kinda introduce the world to death metal. Unfortunately they never recorded an album before they broke up. This album is a collection of songs from unreleased studio demo, rehearsal tapes and the well-known Taste Of Blood demo tape. The Australians were a cult act in that days. These is an album for the fans of Kreator's Pleasure To Kill and Dark Angel's Darkness Descends. Btw, all tracks are remastered and the booklet tells the story of the quartet. For the collectors of vinyl, the album is released on vinyl limited to 500 copies!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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