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On disc: Skypho

- Nowhere Neverland - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Nowhere Neverland

Nowhere Neverland
(self-released - 2007)

Skypho is a sextet from Portugal and surprises the listener on Nowhere Neverland with tribal sounds - and other world music elements. The intro Walking In A Time Line leads you over to My Last Words which is a modern metal tune with heavy guitar riffs, clean vocals of Carlos Tavares and some deep growls. When they use the growls they have some similarities to Soulfly... But they also you effects on the vocals, but the clean vocals are their focus. With the sound of surf Nowhere Neverland kicks off, Ricarda Aguir joins in with a heavy bass line... A melancholy tune with acoustic guitars and a catchy melody line. Towards the end they use again some effect on the vocals and a spoken words-part in Portuguese follows. The spoken word part fits better to the song then the estranged vocals. Anyway, cool tune.
A digeridoo opens up My Insomnia, but then heavy, nu metal-like riffs take over - and soon they show another facet of their sound. Nu metal with world music elements. But somehow this one didn't spark up... Decent one, but it don't win me over. Last, but not least Alone (Die Alone). Heavy guitar riffs and clean, catchy vocals make it easy to get into this one. It one of the highlights on Nowhere Neverland the mixture of sounds Skypho offers works out well. But it's Carlos Tavares emotional vocals which make Skypho special.
Skypho deliver a quite good EP and if they concentrate on their strong points then they should be able to leave a mark at the scene. Let's wait and see what they present us next!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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