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On disc: Skylark

- Wings - Monika Schmidt - 7 stars


(Scarlet Records - 2004)

Its been 3 years since the Italians released The Princess Day and now they are back with Wings. In their early days they played speed metal, but these days this categorization doesn't fit any longer. It's more piano-based rock with metal influences. Kiara and Fabio Dozzo share the vocal duties which enlarges the musical spectrum. One of my faves id Faded Fantasy which is a slow number with acoustic guitar. More metal is Last Ride which is closer to the early works of Skylark. Interesting is their piano / orchestra version of Def Leppard's When Love And Hate Collide. And these are the songs I can recommend to check out, coz they show the variety of Wings. Fans of bands like Labyrinth / Rhapsody as well as After Forever / Nightwish might find this album interesting, but it's hard to say. That they recorded a Def Leppard song might make this interesting for fans of hard rock as well... If you have the chance, give it a try.

7 stars

Monika Schmidt
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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