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On disc: Sky Architect

Excavation Of The Mind - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Excavation Of The Mind

Excavation Of The Mind
(ProgRock Records - 2010)

Sky Architect is a new band from the Netherlands and they are out to revive 70's prog rock with a dash of modern prog metal. They combine some ELP-ish sounds with elements you find in Pain Of Salvation's music. Sky Architect's songs are complex, but with atmospheric passages they give the tracks a light touch. You'll get a good impression of the Dutch's sound by listening to Deep Chasm Part 2: Chime. The concept album takes you onto a journey into someone's troubled mind. It's dark, disturbing - and fascinating. And definitely ask's for your attention, this is no easy listening stuff! It's a challenge. Tom Luchies present some unusual vocal lines and sometimes seems to be a bit off track, but that's part of the concept.
After the Deep Chasm suite they offer The Grey Legend which is more retro prog. Russian Wisdom is another 70's prog rock tune, but spiced up with a dash of polka! Reminds me a bit of Kulturshock... But only for a moment, then they offer more retro sounds. Rik van Honk's keyboard play seems to be influenced by Geoff Downes and Keith Emerson. The title track is a sonic roller coaster ride, and a long one as the track is almost 12 minutes long. Some passages are simply beautiful, but then ends into a total frenzy.
If you love 70's prog rock then you might like Sky Architects, but be aware of the fact that some parts are more mathrock. Complex structures, melodic passages, you get it all. Are you ready for Sky Architect's Excavation Of The Mind?

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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