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On disc: Skid Row

- Thickskin - Amir Djawadi - 7 stars


(Steamhammer - 2003)

The story of Skid Row is different, in 1989 they arose from nowhere and released several albums - all sold several million copies - then there were internal problems and after the 1995 release Subhuman Race the band vanished. Years go by and the rumors about a reunion got bigger. In 1999 the mainmen - in person: bassist Rachel Bolan and guitarists Dave 'Snake' Sabo and Scotti Hill - revived the band. In Texas they found singer Johnny Solinger and mate Phil Varone took over the drums. A reborn band ready to take the world by storm. They documented this on the world tour as support of Kiss which was quite successful. The band became more and more a unit and started writing new songs. These 12 songs can be found on the new album Thickskin.
The album opener New Generation sounds quite modern and I was a little shocked, but the other tracks are more traditional. They convinced me.
Actually I gave up hope that Skid Row will ever return from the ashes, but now they are back with an fresh, honest album. There's only one thing I'm missing now... A club tour! Please tour soon the clubs of the world!!!!!

7 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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