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On disc: Skansis

Leaving You - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Leaving You

Leaving You
(Escape Music - 2011)

To be honest I haven't heard of Skansis before, so their second album Leaving You was quite a surprise. Fans of Gotthard, Crystal Ball and Shakra should fall for Skansis' new album, the Swiss rockers present an album with a dozen hard rock tracks and as usual for Swiss bands on a high quality level.

The opener Next To Mine is well chosen as it's a catchy tune with heavy riffs. At the title track it isn't the vocal line which will stick - at least not immediately - but the guitar line. And it seems that with every tune they add a little heaviness... I Don't Believe sounds modern due to the riffing, not that the other tracks sound backdated, but they are more late 80's / early 90's sounding. Towards it gets a bit repetitive... With Coming Out and Carry You On they offer some balladesque tracks which are well done, but won't give you goose bumps, even if the later one have the quality and I think in an acoustic version it would be killer...

It's a decent album, but also it sounds very familiar... The songs are good, it's just that I miss something which make it special... Or more variety... Still fans of the above mentioned Swiss bands or the Swedish outfit The Poodles should give it a try.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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