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On disc: Skanners

Factory Of Steel - Umberto Mino - 9 stars

Factory Of Steel

Factory Of Steel
(SAOL - 2011)

Skanners.... A band that here in Italy means heavy metal at high quality levels from the early eighties, in fact their first album is from 1987. From that era they have had their ups and downs like every band, but the quality of their albums is always at high standards like their last one - Factory Of Steel. Skanners close the 2010 year with two good news: 1) they played at the famous Wacken open air festival (a live recording you can buy, for details check the bands website - editor) and 2) a new deal with the German record company CMC, so personally I hope that this time their music will be appreciated by tons of people this time.
Factory Of Steel is coming right now after their The Serial Healer of 2008, and also this time Skanners give the usual bunch of solid and beautiful guitar riffs, catchy choruses and a very nice production, but anyway let's go to analyze this record track by track.
Never Give Up is the opener, and the first thing you can hear is that song remind in some ways has the Primal Fear sound, but the energy and the fury of this track is for real..... a real metal anthem!!! Iron Man is simply irresistible!!! A great guitar riff, a perfect vocal line, a catchy chorus... simple things that made a song, a great song!!! Now it's title-track time, a killer mid-tempo with a chorus that could also make sing a cold heart!!! We want a Factory Of Steel!!! Next one Hard And Pure is another song with a catchy chorus and a great guitar riff, a song that in concert will be a classic..... Thunder In My Hand is another cool song in an album where the good quality is like a stranger, another example of their motto 'one melody, one song'!!! We Rock The Nation is a declaration, a solid and thunderous mid-tempo that shakes your foundations!!! Lords Of Lies is one of the songs of this album, and maybe of their career, a perfect example of pure metal!!!!!! When I Look In Your Eyes show us a different side of the Skanners' music, the sad side or simply another angle of their music. To Survive closes this album, an acoustic song that could be in the soundtrack of your nights with a book of JRR Tolkien in your hands....
IF you don't know Skanners this is the easiest way to meet them, so don't hesitate and buy this CD! If you know them, buy this album because inside are the reasons why you love them.... In conclusion another good album for them, and a prayer to everybody: Don't skip them coz they are unknown, this time they deserve it even more to get your attention!!!

9 stars

Umberto Mino


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