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On disc: Skálmöld

Baldur - Lars Bjrn - 7 stars


(Napalm Records - 2011)

Baldur was an Icelandic citizen who had a good life with wife and children, but suddenly a evil creature came and destroyed his life, demolished his house and killed the wife and children. Left alone Baldur took the help of two men and went after the monster to get his revenge. This is a classic Folk-tale from Iceland and the new band from 2009, Sklmld is telling this gruesome story in their debut album. This is not an ordinary album in any way, Viking metal is one thing, but this CD by Sklmld has rocked the borders of what can even be described as metal. First song, Heima, is purely folk singing in Icelandic language of course. Aras comes with melodic metal from the travel all over the Icelandic landscape Baldur forces himself to, the song is dominated by Icelandic singing, but the quality is great. Upprisa is a brutal song with keyboards, a little boring song but introduces the idea of talking while singing the Icelandic messages. The main song on this album is Kvadning. This powerful song has humor and a very classical guitar play, very melodic and could be a milestone for Icelandic metal music in the future. It gets finished with the song Baldur to describe the ending of the history of the Icelandic Viking, Baldur, the striving brave man that finally came to an end of this suffering from what the monster did to him. The song Baldur have a very elegant pressure in its metal idea, soft and powerful at the same time, and is a perfect way to round off an album that is so special that it will possibly take years before the world see such an album again.

7 stars

Lars Bjrnt


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