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On disc: Six Minute Century

Time Capsules - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
Wasting Time - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Wasting Time

Wasting Time
(Nightmare Records - 2013)

Six Minute Century are from Space City and some might know their 2008 release Time Capsule, now they are back with Wasting Time. It's been 5 years since Time Capsule, things might change over the years, let's see, if SMC stick to their guns - progressive power metal.

The opener 1900 is a kind of overture which begins with what sound like a news cast, then symphonic sounds lead you into the first song, City Of Hope. They storm off and fire razor-sharp riffs at you, then a melodic lead guitar shows the way. Personally I would have liked Chuck Williams' vocals a bit more up-front, but well.

The opening passage of The Killing Fields could be described as melodic speed metal, but when they slow down the progressiveness is back. Williams' vocals give it a slight Oriental touch. At Baptized In Flames they use spoken words at the end and reminds every one of Waco. With Czardas they take a different road. Michael Millsap's bass is playing a prominent role at the instrumental tune and adds a melancholy edge at the opening passage. Starting slowly the band storms off after about 1/3 of the song and the atmosphere changes as well. The Texans offer tracks with twists and turns, even if they use some elements more than once, you don't get bored by it.

I hope it doesn't take another 5 years til we hear from Six Minute Century!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Time Capsules

Time Capsules
(Nightmare Records - 2008)

Houston-based band Six Minute Century is presenting their debut album Time Capsules via Nightmare Records. Lance King only signs bands he believes in, now Six Minute Century have to show the world their talent.

The foursome opens up with Under The Moonlight, a progressive power metal tune which reminds me a bit of Fates Warning... At the instrumental passage guitarist Don LaFon can show his skills. Most songs are about 6+ minutes and so give the band enough space to show off their talent. Slowly they kick off The Perfect Picture, but becomes a heavy, guitar-driven tune. Chuck Williams' vocals partly carry an 80's hard rock vibe and so make you think of TNT... One Man's Dream begins with words of the famous speech of Martin Luther King, a heavy groove is driving this one ahead. April 19, 1995 deals with the Oklahoma bombing has a melodic edge. The song is picking up pace, is getting heavier... It's also quite progressive, like Dream Theater at a more melodic, song-orientated track. Slow and melancholy the song ends. The riffing of Zero Hour has written Savatage allover it, and so you can expect a heavy, riff-based track which also offers a piano - like so many Savatage tunes do. Lyrically the song deals with the war in Iraq, telling the story from a soldier's point of view. The vocals are up-front at the slower passages and so it's like the soldier is talking to you. Piano leads you into Guitar Concierto, a neo-classical instrumental. Saved In Time and Heaven's Gate are heavy prog metal tunes which show reminiscences to Symphony X. A fast, guitar-driven track is Get Your Wings, the song shows some Dio citations, but it also shows symphonic elements. Their version of TNT's Seven Seas is based on heavy riffs, but still quite melodic, brings back the 80's vibe. Chuck Williams is doing well here.

Six Minute Century deliver a great album, great performance and even with reminiscences to one or the other band they have already developed their own style, at least it shines through and I bet with their next album they show their true identity.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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