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On disc: Sisthema

- The Fourth Discontinuity - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars

The Fourth Discontinuity

The Fourth Discontinuity
(Sanctuary Records - 2001)

Sisthema is an Italian new metal band, they call their music 'cyber thrash metal'. Founded in 1994 they recorded some tracks for compilations during the last couple of years. In 1998 they released their debut Bioelectric Violent Systhem. More compilations and than an offer from Noise Records (now Sanctuary Music)...
Luckily the small Italian label Dawn Of Sadness released them from their contract. Musically the four-piece is attractive to fans who listen to Fear Factory as well as Soulfly, perhaps they are thrashier....
The album title is based on a scientific theory, about the man-machine. Lyrically the band deals with scientific themes, not the typical lyrics!
Check out: Voodoo Machine, The X-stacy & The Eclipse Of The Flesh (not a typical track) and Reflector.

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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