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On disc: Sinocence

Scar Obsura - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Scar Obsura

Scar Obsura
(Metalbox Recordings - 2010)

Belfast band Sinocence started in 2000, their debut Black Still Life Pose was released in 2005. In 2009 they released Scar Obscura via Rising Records, but the band was disappointed by their work and so they started their own label Metalbox Recordings and re-release Scar Obsura on their own. The album has a multimedia section with a feature on the bands history, a making of and a photo gallery.
They open up with Perfect Denial, a heavy, riff-based tune which combines modern hard rock and traditional metal. The following Metal Box shows Sinocence a little different - heavier and more aggressive. For God Complex they slow down, but after an acoustical intro the song explodes and becomes a heavy, riff-based track with a dash of thrash. Singer Moro adjusts to every song and so his vocals are a little different at every song. At this one he shows some reminiscences to James Hetfield... But there are also complex passages which have a progressive edge. At another track you'll hear some Maiden-ish elements next to modern rock sounds la Disturbed. So you get an idea about their sound, but actually you have to check them out yourself, coz it's impossible to describe their sound accurately, coz they combine different elements and it seems that every song is exploring another mix, but at the end the album sounds homogenous. The closer Terminus is a complex, memorable tune with heavy riffs and additional female vocals.
The guitar play is adjusting to the sound - like singer Moro does, who partly should be more up-front in the mix. Anyway, the album is fun and hopefully more metal fans will give Sinocence a chance.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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