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On disc: Sinister

Legacy Of Ashes - Carsten Bahr - 9 stars

Legacy Of Ashes

Legacy Of Ashes
(Massacre Records - 2010)

21 years of Sinister means a lot of line-up changes, problems with labels, lacking support and so the Dutch weren't wandering under a lucky star. We can just hope that Massacre Records will give them the support they deserve - and not just for the moment. At the other hand Sinister delivered 9 albums of uncompromising brutal death metal, but the quality level unsteady due to line-up changes. If this line-up will be steady, only time will tell. If former drummer and now singer Aad Kloosterwaard - the only original member - and his mates will be able to change in a positive way... We'll see. The first thing one realizes is that Sinister are back to their roots. Legacy Of Hate could have been from the Hate era which means more aggression and anger embedded in their fast death metal - compared to their last album. And the band shows different sides, so there are fast parts with blastbeats, straight-forward death metal and there is the other side where they are more complex - especially the guitars - when they slow down. When they slow down they add a heavy groove. And so you'll get uncompromising tracks (Into The Blind World) next to some technical tunes (Anatomie Of A Catastrophe, The Sins Of Sodomy) and it works well. And the slightly catchy melodies support this (The Hornet's Nest). The varying sounds make the album interesting and even after several spins you will discover details you missed before. And so the Dutch delivered with Legacy Of Hate a piece of brutal death metal which can keep up with their best work, their early work. Most death metal fans should dig Legacy Of Hate!

9 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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