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On disc: Single Bullet Theory

IV - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(Goomba Music Records - 2011)

From Philadelphia screams the power metallers from Single Bullet Theory like they have done in 11 years. Their new album, IV, brings more proof of their special way of mixing the growling, screaming and pure singing that they do in a stunning way. The band have been through many changes, but now they made a scoop with new guitarist John Ruszin III, who guarantees a clean sound of absolute high power on the song What Have I, where the energy is evident, uncomplicated, you can almost feel them raising their fists. Leviathan Smiles is quick and have an interesting mix between growling and singing so the song gets more depth. Letting Go is also on this high level with advanced hard rhythm that hit the bells. There is also a cover version of Death's song Spirit Crusher and Single Bullet Theory do it with great style and finesse. The Wake Of Betrayal has an advanced creative build and it sounds like they are inspired by Judas Priest when scream on this hard metal hit. Their music is a little boring from one point to another, but they always shape up and gets some spirit into it after all.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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