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On disc: Gene Simmons

- Asshole - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars


(Sanctuary Records - 2004)

Everybody knows Gene Simmons. Through his work with Kiss he's a living legend already. Now he releases his solo album Asshole on his new found record label Simmons Records. The album offers a collection of songs from different genres and some are old, some are new.
The album opener Sweet & Dirty is based on a track written back in 1977 called Jelly Roll. Later got rewrote and recorded for Psycho Circus. So it's more or less a typical Kiss tune. With track #2 Mr. Simmons offers a cover version of the Prodigy's Firestarter. Different from the original, but still very electronic... Heavier. Well... Never liked it and this version didn't change my mind. Another song Simmons wrote together with Bob Dylan, it's called Waiting For The Morning Light. A singer / songwriter tune which is probably a bit heavier then the usual singer / songwriter stuff. Doesn't really fit into the album in my opinion. The title track is a heavy pop rocker which was written by a Norwegian band which sent in a demo shopping for a record deal with Simmons Records. On Black Tongue you can hear words and guitar parts of Frank Zappa and guitar lines done be his son Dweezil. The rest of the Zappa family added some backing vocals. An old-fashioned rock track. Another track which was recorded for Psycho Circus is Carnival Of Souls which didn't made it onto the record, so this is more what Kiss fans will expect from Mr. Simmons. And finally there is a electro country song which was overdone by Bag - Simmons Records artists - and also don't fit into the context of this album. But wait, there is no context! This is a collection of songs. Die-hard Kiss fans will buy it anyway, but everybody else I can just recommend to listen to it first! It ain't crap, the songs are done quite well, but the mixture is weird.

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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