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On disc: Silver Fist

- Tears Of Blood - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Tears Of Blood

Tears Of Blood
(Avispa - 2007)

The Spanish band Muro split up in late 2002, right away singer Silver Solórzano and drummer Iván Manzano started a new band - Silver Fist. They immediately started writing songs and soon played their first shows. In 2004 the quintet released their debut Ave Fénix through Avispa. Interesting about their first release is that it was released with a 6-track bonus CD full of cover versions incl. songs of Black Sabbath (Children Of The Sea), Savatage (Hall Of The Mountain King) and Slayer (Seasons In The Abyss). Their second album Lágrimas de Sangre was released in 2006 after playing several festivals and shows. Now they present Tears Of Blood which is the English version of Lágrimas de Sangre. The Spanish album got raving reviews and was album of the month at the Spanish webzine Will the non-Spanish media be as enthusiastic about it?
The Fear starts a bit symphonic and then heavy riffs been added - and it has a bit of old Savatage. The vocals of Silver Solórzano are powerful and have a deep timbre, but he has to work on his pronunciation - some parts sound more Spanish then English. Something you often find with Spanish bands, but that's something one can work on. And it don't effect the music. Beside that the vocals are varying and he even hits some high notes. A good song to start into the album. Then they speed up with Flight Of The Phoenix, even if they don't push the accelerator all the time. The catchy chorus is putting a melody on top of the fast tune. Thrashy starts Martyr - and shows the different musical influences of the band. Here they switch between thrashy elements / riffs and some more mid-tempo parts - a thrashy power metal tune. Actually this 3 songs show very well what Silver Fist is about, even if the other songs show some different shades here and there. With I Still Believe In You they slow down and show themselves very emotional... Almost fragile sounds Silver here - at least in the beginning where this is a real ballad, but then it because a powerful balladesque tune. Piano and riffs are combined to carry Silver's vocal line. Actually here his pronunciation is better, so I think next time he will manage it way better. Nice guitar solo of Diego López in the middle part.
The guys seems to love covering songs... This time they choose Accept's Balls To The Wall. The twin guitar riffs are very heavy and they stay close to the original. Main difference to Accept's version is the vocal part, but that's no surprise as Udo Dirkschneider has a very unique voice. But Silver is doing good here and he reminds me vocally here a bit of Bernie Bonvoisin (Trust)....
The Spanish quintet shows a large variety of sounds, but all songs are heavy. I like the voice of Silver, but it seems to me that in Spanish he's even better... But perhaps he needs just a bit more time to feel comfortable with the English lyrics. The other four guys deliver the basis for Silver's performance - and they do it very well.
Check out: Tears Of Blood, The Fear and I'll Wait For You In Hell.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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