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On disc: Side Winder

- Chapter One - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Chapter One

Chapter One
(self-released - 2002)

While surfing the internet I founded the site of the French band Side Winder. I contacted the band and singer Fred Favre was so kind to send me the demo which I'll now tell you about.
Musically I would call it melodic heavy metal with power and progressive elements. Documented by the first track in a decent way. The French quintet presents themselves very good and professional, even if the sound could be better, but this is just a demo! Not a 'finished' album!
She's A Liar is a heavy rocker with a catchy hook, breaks and an interesting drum beat of Olivier Tkatchenko. The guitarists Phil Lamy (leads) and Thibout Depont (rhythm) build a good team with bassist / singer Fred Favre. Not to forget keyboarder Pascal Favre. Vocally Fred Favre keep it in the mid-range, but sometimes goes into high-pitched vocals and screams which remind me of a French band of the early 80's... Of Sortilége! Check out Chapter One. This track has all the essentials of the bands sound and the middle part is slower with a decent solo of Phil Lamy before a break leads back to the main theme. With Smile In The Rain they first give you the idea that this is the obligatory ballad and partly it is. But with rocking parts. The musical concept of the song is good, but in my opinion Mr. Favre should not sing this with high-pitched vocals, coz so a lot of atmosphere is getting lost.... At On The Edge Of Shame the deeper vocals are back which fits much better to their sound, even if some screams and high-pitched ones make it interesting. Heading For Venus is the last track and the most 'complete' one. The young French show their talent and that they will go their own way. They aren't copycats. Sure, there are things which can be down better, but this is a demo. It would be really interesting to hear these songs in a high quality recording of a producer who can help the band to optimize their songs and sound. I'll keep an eye on them!
The rating reflects the music, not the sound!
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7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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