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On disc: Sick Porky

- Ancestral - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Zonda Records - 2006)

Sick Porky was founded back in 1999 in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. This is the first album of the quartet, they had two EPs Difusión released before at some indie label, but Ancestral is their debut. But as Argentina isn't one of the countries known for metal, most won't have heard their name yet. In Buenos Aires they made themselves known with their heavy / stoner rock. Influences of bands like Black Sabbath and Black Label Society are obvious, but also bands like Kyuss, Down and Queen Of The Stone Age they name as their influences.
The album starts with Dos Rupias which gives a good impression about what to expect from the Porteños. In my opinion the Spanish lyrics make it more interesting, but I know that some won't like it. Well, I have to confess that I don't understand a word. Carlos Villafañe's vocals are melodic and catchy, but also the backing vocals as a sound element makes it more interesting. A bit slower, but still very heavy is La Fuerza which would be classified as a ballad, if it wouldn't be so heavy. Here the bands steps back partly to give the voice of Carlos Villafañe more space. With more groove the following Lo peor de mi really rocks. They speed up a bit with Exodo, another catchy one. Sombrio offers some guitar solo by Jeremías Stutz which reminds me a bit of Zakk Wylde... Even if Sick Porky are more stoner rock then the blond guitarist.
Check out songs like: Dos Rupias, Sombrio, La Fuerza and Exodo and you get a good impression of their sound - which is called 'pork sound' by their fans. Btw, at the end of Ivan el rockero you can hear their fans shout.
Fans of Black Label Society, Kyuss and other stoner rock bands should buy this one, but also metal fans who are open-minded or like non-English lyrics, should give it a try. It might be difficult to find this album, so check their website Sick Porky for further information.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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